Roof Maintenance

Roof System Life Cycle Management

What You Don’t See Can Cost Thousands

Your roofing system is a valuable asset with a finite life expectancy.  Most roofing systems will need to be replaced or may require significant renovation in less than 20 years.

 The Problem: Out of Site Out of Mind

Few people buy a new car and don’t’ change the oil to protect their major investment.  Unlike your car, the roof is out of sight and not unlikely to get much thought until there is a very costly emergency. The roof is leaking on the computer system, in the break room, falling tiles in the frozen food section, and dripping all over the deli counter.

The Four Step Roof Maintenance Program


Coastline’s trained technicians visually inspect the exterior roof system while noting the conditions of wall panels, area dividers, parapets, and roof penetrations to assess any deterioration or damage that has occurred since the last visit and will document conditions to monitor for upcoming visits.


Debris from the roof surface, gutters, interior drains and through-wall scuppers will be cleared to prevent ponding water that may cause premature aging and damage.


As required, we will replace deteriorated sealant on metal flashings, top-off pitch pans, re-seal suspect flashing at equipment curbs and perimeters, and secure drain clamps and rain collars at pipe penetrations.


Our program will provide a summary of work performed and a condition assessment that includes updated roof drawings and work related photographs.

Benefits to Maintaining Your Roofing System With Coastline:

  • Maximize the life expectancy of your roofing system
  • Minimize repair time and costs
  • Protect the building and its contents
  • Defer costly roof replacements
  • Protects your roof guarantee

Contact Coastline When:

  • You have any questions or concerns about your roof
  • You are experiencing a leak
  • You are interested in prolonging the life of your roof
  • There are any defects or proposed changes to the roofing system, such as heating and air conditioning equipment, solar, etc.
  • You plan to sell the building or are a new purchaser of the building