A leaking roof is a safety hazard  and According to ENSO (El Niño Southern Oscillation) there is a more than a 50% probability that dangerous California drought will finally be relived with El Niño rains. (see data below)

 Your Roofing System

The bad news is that your roofing system has been baking in the unusually hot sunny weather for the past several months. Cracked roof’s surfaces, collected debris, blocking drainage and cracked seals around flashing are just a few of the leak  problems that require quick and effective repairs the first time.

 Remove damaged ceiling tiles and leaking roof drain including surrounding roof materials and damaged sheeting in the leak area.


Tarp on leaking roof




leaking ceiling tiles

Leaking ceiling tiles turn ugly

celing damage 2

Safety hazard from collapsed ceiling tiles


Leaking Drain

Cracks around pipes